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Hoosier Hunting Retriever Club

About Training Days


Training days are held be Hoosier HRC to provide our members the opportunity to get with each other and train our dogs.  These days are great opportunities to work our dogs and trade training tips and work on problems.  

Basic Information
Training days start at around 9:00 am.  We normally train all morning and break for lunch.  Lunch is not provided by the club and most members pack a lunch or pick up something to eat.  After lunch, we train as long as members want to and can stay. 
We normally try to use pigeons or ducks at training days as well as poppers (blank shells) to simulate real hunting situations.  The normal cost of a training day is $5.00.  This covers the cost of the birds, poppers, and grounds.
If you can only stay for a portion of the day, or need to come late, that is not a problem.  Come when you can, stay as long as you can. 
Also, many members bring spouses, children, extended family and friends.  There are several children that have grown-up with the club.

What to bring to a training day:
The following items are good to bring to the training days.  Not all are necessary, but they provide a good idea on the kinds of things to bring.
  • Your dog(s)
  • Training dummies (Bumpers)
  • Whistle
  • Duck/Goose calls
  • Check cord
  • Electronic Collar
  • Gloves (for handling birds)
  • Wadders
  • Leash